Our Vision

Our Vision is that companies consciously deal with the danger of cyber attacks and their prevention. After all, a functioning defense can only be built up if resources flow into proactive cyber security. Therefore, we attach great importance to raising awareness of cyber security. The vision is to create a Cyber Security ecosystem locally in Switzerland acting globally.

Our Mission

„Our Mission, is to make corporate cyber security more secure, provide affordable cyber security solutions and create the urgency to invest in cyber prevention rather than investing in damage control!“

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Crisis Communication
Reinstatement costs
Production Downtime

Calculate the Cost of Downtime = Number of impacted employees x Average hourly rate x Productivity impact percent.

Example: 100 employees x 50€ per hour x 70% = 3.500€ downtime cost

Calculate Cost of Lost Sales = Average Daily Sales / Total Daily Hours x total downtime hours

Example: 20.000€ per day / 8 hours = 2.500€ sales/hour x 14 downtime hrs = 35.000€ lost sales

Business interruption costs are often five to ten times higher than direct costs.
You’ve accessed the mainframe using a double-handshake attack on the firewall, you need to brute-force the password…